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Originally from Aveyron on a dairy cattle farm, Laurent is passionate about the agricultural world.


He is concerned about the respect of the land, from the plants he cultivates in his plots to the wildlife that inhabits them. Laurent will guarantee his consumers healthy products.


Inventor and mechanic, it is in his workshop that he gives free rein to his imagination with his soldering iron and constant new ideas. 

Marie Isabelle

From two families of winegrowers, Marie-Isabelle will be happy to welcome you.

She will talk to you with passion about the techniques that concern the vine.

She will guide you in wine tasting in a personalized way, always with a will of democratizing this practice.

Just as creative as her husband, it is through photography that she expresses herself, captures and shares unique moments of her daily life with her community. 

Our Philosophy 

We share a common passion for the land. 


Certified High Environmental Value level 3 since 2018, the estate is converting to organic farming since 2019. 

The polyculture is in vogue at Château La Lande Saint Jean for a few years already.

Through growing wheat, several varieties of potatoes, green manure seeds, beekeeping and now free-range chicken farming, the agricultural practices of the estate are multiplying.


  It's through crop diversification that Laurent and Marie Isabelle seek to express themselves and restore a balance based on interaction of all the factors in the environment.

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